What do I get?

​​​​With each lesson you get the following:

  • Message video - click here to see a low resolution, sample clip of a message 
  • Review game video - click here to see a low resolution, sample clip of a review game 
  • Animated title loop
  • Opening Assignment - an activity that your students can do while other students are
  • Intro Activity - an activity that leads into the message by introducing concepts which
    are relevant to the
    topic; file format will vary
  • Discussion Guide - we call it the Live it Out handout; it can be used in small groups,
    ​pairs or students can it home to do as a devotional
  • Lesson specific information - a one page guide that tells you everything you need to
    know for each lesson
  • Quick & Easy Implementation Guide - for those of you who like the, "less is more" approach to

  • Fully Loaded Implementation Guide - for those of you who like the "more is better" approach to instructions

When you purchase a series, you will receive all of these materials for each week of curriculum. For example, if you purchase a six week series, you'll receive six Message videos, six Review Game videos, etc.  Each lesson in the series will have its own zip file and within that file, you will receive everything you need for that particular lesson.

Additionally, when you purchase a series, you will receive a Series Introduction and Overview, which provides an overarching themes to the series as well as a lesson schedule.

Additional information on each of the program elements that you will receive

Message Video
This is a video of the message. The fastest and easiest implementation is to simply show the video to your students. However, if you prefer live teaching, you can take notes and teach the lesson yourself.  Just to clarify, The Preteen Bible Project is not video based. It is Bible based. We provide video options and elements for your flexibility and convenience. Please implement the resources in whatever way you see fit. Click here to see a sample clip of a message video.

Review Game Video
This is an interactive review game that reinforces the content of the message in a fun and engaging way. You can use this resource a number of ways. How you use this game is up to you. The simplest way is to let students shout out their answer to each question. You can also put students on two teams, each with a leader and a set of four answer cards (1, 2, 3 & 4). Another option is that you can assign a corner of the room to correlate with each answer, so that students run to the corner that represents the answer they choose. Click here to see a sample clip of a review game video.

Animated Title Loop
This is a short loopable video with the lesson title. Use this as a “home slide” that shows between other video elements. Use a presentation software like ProPresenter® or MediaShout® for optimal playback. Be sure to choose the option to loop the video.

Opening Assignment
This is an optional activity that should take place while students are arriving. It is designed to engage students and encourages interaction from the moment they walk through the door. It will always be fun and engaging – we want to help you set an inviting and exciting tone right from the beginning! You can print out the image provided on a poster, or show it on your projector or video screen. Sometimes you will need to provide basic supplies, which will be listed on the Lesson Specific Information document. 

Intro Activity
This will not always be the same file type. It may be a video, an image to present or a pdf to print out. The Intro Activity always leads into the lesson and never requires elaborate supplies or preparation. Sometimes the Intro Activity may include multiple files. Instructions will always be provided as well as a scripted segue to the Message video, should you wish to use it.

Live it Out Handout
Preteens are ready to get more theological, more existential, more abstract and more serious. Our lessons focus more on heart change than outward behavioral change and having them talk the lesson in pairs or groups really helps to drive it home. However, not all people process ideas the same way. Some kids are introverts and will better process ideas on their own. Forcing these students to operate like extroverts in a group setting can be frustrating for everyone. That’s why this handout can be used in so many different ways.

  • Small group conversation guide
  • Individual activity sheet
  • Take home devotional
  • Project for students to work through in pairs

We want kids to get as much out of the material as possible, so we suggest giving students the option to either cover the material in a small group setting, or to take their own copy of the handout and reflect upon it individually.

Lesson Specific Information
This document gives you all the details you need for the week. It tells you what files come with the lesson and what to do with each of them. It also informs you of any additional supplies you will need that are not included in the curriculum (i.e. pens, pencils, etc.).  It provides a full explanation and instructions for the Intro Activity and will sometimes include a scripted transition from the Intro Activity to the Message. The script can read verbatim or paraphrased, whichever you prefer. The last point on the document provides you with suggested prayer topics as you prepare to share this lesson with your students.

Series Introduction and Overview
This provides important information on this series, such as the themes and key scriptures. It also includes the lesson schedule. 

Quick and Easy Implementation Guide

This tells you everything you need to know to launch your new curriculum - all in one page!  Use this along with your Lesson Specific Information guide - and you've got everything you need to get things going.

Fully Loaded Implementation Guide

This includes a little more information than the Quick and Easy Guide, and also includes a sample schedule and schedule template.