This is an eight-week series on Israel's monarchy. The Israelites rejected God as their King because they wanted an earthly king like the nations around them. Throughout the period of the Monarchy, the Israelites place their hope in the leadership of men. God meets them where they are and remains faithful, even in the midst of their failures.


  • God does not want us to conform to be like the rest of the world
  • God takes sin seriously because He loves us
  • Jesus is our champion who defeated death in an unconventional way
  • We should not place our hope in people or systems, but in God
  • Righteousness is about having a right relationship with God


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The Verses
1 Samuel 8-10, Romans 1:22​

The Gist
When Israel rejects God, He directs His prophet Samuel to give them a king. Israel’s conformity sets the stage for disastrous results. ​

The Point
God does not want us to conform to be like those in the world around us. Instead He wants to transform us into new creations.

The Verses
1 Samuel 13, John 14:23-24​

The Gist
Saul’s disobedience was met with dire consequences. Obedience is a really big deal to God.

The Point
Disobedience destroys trust. Relationships are built on trust. As a result, disobedience can harm our relationship with God. God wants us to obey because He loves us.

The Verses
1 Samuel 14, Ecclesiastes 10:12, 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Ephesians 4:15

The Gist
Saul’s words got him into a lot of trouble. There's one specific instance when he's nearly forced to kill his own son because of the needless vows he spouted out in moments of fury. ​

The Point
Our words can get us into a lot of trouble. We need to be careful how we use them. 


The Verses
1 Samuel 16, James 2:1-4​

The Gist
When Saul is sent to choose a new king, he is surprised that Jesse’s youngest son is God’s choice. 

The Point
All of the outward qualifications that people look for mean nothing to God. God cares about what is in our hearts. 


The Verses
1 Samuel 17, Mark 10:45 Colossians 1:18, Colossians 2:15

The Gist
David went against the rules of conventional warfare to slay the giant that threatened his people. ​

The Point
Jesus is our conquering hero, who slays the power of death for us in a very unconventional way. 


The Verses
2 Samuel 11-12, Romans 3;23, Psalm 51:1-12​

The Gist
David steals Uriah’s wife, orchestrates a cover-up and has him killed. How do David’s sins compare to Saul’s, and why don’t his actions cost him his position as king?

The Point

Righteousness with God is not about being right or doing right all of the time. It is about having a right relationship with Him.


The Verses
The Book of Ecclesiastes, Matthew 25:14-30

The Gist
Solomon looks for meaning and significance in partying, romance, money and knowledge. These things all leave him empty. ​

The Point
Our real meaning isn’t found in the things of this world, but in knowing God, and using what He has blessed us with to bless others.


The Verses
2 Kings 21-23, James 4:7-10​

The Gist
When Josiah is faced with the truth of God’s word, he reacts by repenting, seeking counsel and cleaning house like a boss.​

The Point

How do we react when God’s word speaks truth against our actions? Do we receive correction and make changes like Josiah?

       The Monarchy

(the complete series) 

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