This is a six-week series on the Book of Judges. It provides students with a startling picture of what godless living looks like. Throughout this series, this godless lifestyle is compared and contrasted to what life with Jesus looks like.


  • Sin and godlessness take their toll
  • Through Christ, we can be brave and take a stand
  • Self-centeredness and revenge only end in heartache
  • When people look to themselves instead of God, things get really bad
  • No matter how bad things get, there is redemption in Jesus Christ


  • 6 video messages - click here to see a low resolution, sample clip of a message video from this series
  • 6 video review games - click here to see a low resolution, sample clip of a review game from this series
  • 6 animated title loops
  • 6 Opening Assignments - an activity that your students can do while other students are arriving
  • 6 Intro Activities - an activity that leads into the message by introducing concepts which are relevant to the topic; file format will vary
  • 6 Discussion Guides - we call them Live it Out handouts; they can be used in small groups, pairs or students can take them home to do as a devotional
  • Lesson specific information - a one page guide that tells you everything you need to know for each lesson
  • Series Introduction and Overview - provides overarching themes to the series as well as a lesson schedule
  • Quick & Easy Implementation Guide - for those of you who like the, "less is more" approach to instructions
  • Fully Loaded Implementation Guide - for those of you who like the "more is better" approach to instructions


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    (the complete series) 


The Verses
Judges 1-3, James 1:15, Romans 5:21

The Gist
We introduce Judges by looking at the pattern of sin and grace that is repeated throughout the book.

The Point
Just like the people in the book of Judges, we can also get caught up in a sin cycle. When sin becomes a pattern in our lives, it can lead to destruction. But Jesus can save us from this cycle of sin.

The Verses
Judges 4-5, Galatians 3:28, Ephesians 2:10

The Gist
Deborah and Jael were unlikely heroes simply because of they were women in a male-dominated society. But when the opportunity to act arose, Jael didn’t hesitate to step up.

The Point
When it comes time to be bold and do the right thing, our minds tend to fill up with excuses. We can be bold no matter what factors are playing against us.

The Verses
Judges 6, Joshua 1:7-9, Matthew 5:11-12

The Gist
When Gideon destroyed his town’s idols, everyone wanted him dead. But soon after this, thousands of soldiers were ready and willing to follow him into battle.

The Point
Taking a stand is never popular, but true leaders are those who have the courage to stand up for what is right.


The Verses
Judges 13-16, 2 Corinthians 9:7-9, Ephesians 4:29-32

The Gist
Samson was not the hero we often make him out to be. He was incredibly flawed and had little desire to do God’s will. Samson was driven by revenge and his own ego.

The Point
When we only look to our own interests, we choose violence and hate instead of forgiveness. These things can destroy us just like they destroyed Samson.


The Verses
Judges 17-18, Mark 12:28-31, 1 John 5:20-21

The Gist
Throughout Chapters 17-18, we see Israelites referring to their sinful actions and wicked decisions as “God’s blessings”.

The Point
We live in a world where people attribute all sorts of things to God. But if we are loving God FIRST, we will live His way instead of using Him to justify our sin.

The Verses
Judges 19-21, Nehemiah 9:29-31, 2 John 1:1-3

The Gist
After a violent act in a small village, Israel descends into civil war. Things go from bad to worse.

The Point
A godless existence leads to death, but with Jesus there is life!