After you purchase the curriculum, you will receive a delivery email with download links for

each lesson. Download all of the files in the delivery email.

Each lesson comes in its own zip file; and each zip file holds all the materials you'll need

for that particular lesson. You will also receive a document that says, "Read this

first." You should read that first. It will tell you exactly what to do. Here is a breakdown

of the other files you'll receive in each lesson.

Series Implementation Guides - provides all the details on each file you receive 

  • Quick & Easy Implementation Guide - for those of you who like the, "less is more" approach to instructions
  • Fully Loaded Implementation Guide - for those of you who like the "more is better" approach to instruction

Lesson Specific Information - a one page guide that tells you all the details for each lesson

  • Explains what to do with each file
  • Lists any items you will need that aren't part of the curriculum (pens, pencils, paper, etc.)
  • Provides instructions for the Intro Activity and how to transition to the message

​​Picture and Video Files

  • Message Video -click here to see a low resolution, sample clip of a message video
  • Review Game Video - click here to see a low resolution, sample clip of a review game video
  • Title Loop
  • Sometimes the Intro Activity is a video or series of jpg files
  • Ideally, you will load these files into presentation software such as ProPresenter or MediaShout, for display on a large screen or monitor. If you do not have presentation software, you can also request your video files be burned to DVD when you place your order. There is an extra charge for DVDs

​​Printable Files

  • Live It Out discussion guide
  • Some lessons include other printable elements like posters
  • The Lesson Specific Information guide will show you what to print, and how many copies you will need


What kind of files do I get and what do I do with them?

How does the Preteen Bible Project Work?