We believe in simplicity. We do not want to overwhelm you with pages and pages of materials. While this principle makes more work on our end, it should make The Preteen Bible Project very simple for you to use. Since there are video elements, The Preteen Bible Project works best when used with a video playback computer and presentation software such as MediaShout or ProPresenter. If you don't have either of these, you can request DVDs when placing your order. There is an extra charge for DVDs. You may also opt to watch the lessons, make them your own and then teach them yourself. 

How is it different and why should I care?

What do I get?

Each lesson comes with a one page implementation guide to get you ready. Files are

delivered electronically, and materials are simple to navigate. The core resources we deliver are (1) an Intro Activity, (2) a Lesson Video, (3) a Discussion Guide, and (4) a review game video. We also include a Title Loop Video and an Opening Assignment, which are optional resources.

Preteens are ready to dig deeper into the implications and applications of scripture. Preteens who grew up in church have “heard it all." Today’s preteens are longing for something with more substance. The Preteen Bible Project is different because we dig into some of the lesser-known narratives and wrestle with some of the more difficult passages. We look at more familiar stories from a different angle to bring fresh insights and renewed interest into God’s word. In short, preteens learn something new each time, whether it's a story they didn’t know was in the Bible, or a perspective that they had not previously considered. 

How does it work?

The Preteen Bible Project is a labor of love written and produced by Kurt Goble, a 20 year veteran of Preteen Ministry. In its entirety it will span the entire Bible in 15 volumes. While

the lesson is delivered via video and other video resources are included, this is not a video

based curriculum. It is a Bible based curriculum. 

What is the Preteen Bible Project?